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Search Engine Optimization

How we you get visitors to your website?. We know the best way to promote your website to maximise your return and to gain the most amount of visitors.
There is not one specific way that works, each site is individual - we will suggest the most appropriate methods based on the industry of your business and the scale of your website.

Normal search engine optimisation - for best continued results, all website marketing is an ongoing process, however this is best for long-term results which have a lower cost in the long run.
Pay Per Click (PPC) - this generates visitors immediately, however requires a continuous budget and can be very expensive, and we have also found that this is not as effective as unique copy content writing

The cost totally depends on the type of industry you are in, as some industries are highly competitive and will take significantly more work than others.

Our Principles of Search Engine Optimisation
We include Meta Tags for Title, Description and Keywords.
We include Alt Image Tags that include your sites Title.
We write good content.
We make sure your Keywords are actually relevant.
We make sure that your Keywords are placed throughout your content.
We make sure your site is linked to from related and clear sites.

Copy Content Writing

Search Engine Page writing is a useful aid to bringing extra website traffic to your website.

So what is Search Engine Page writing, and how does it work?

By looking into your current business model and current websites we write content and copy that is unique to the copy that is within your current website, thus ensuring that your site does not get penalised for any duplicate content. We then submit the specific work to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

UK Design Group have previously assisted with unique copy writing for companies including Thomas Cook, TUI Al Fresco holidays, TUI,, First Choice Holidays, TUI Holidays and Harveys Furniture
Search Engine Page writing focuses on keywords (the phrases that people typically type into Google, Yahoo or Bing) in order to attract unique visitors to your business website. This hopefully increases the website traffic and consequently the business you can achieve